Monday, March 06, 2006

Snowy Sunday

A snowy Sunday is perfect for a little project finishing. I present the finished Sesame (and yet another photo of unphotogenic me):


Pattern: Sesame from

Size: 38 inch

Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton in Smalt

Needle: Denise Interchangeables in size 6 (5.25 stitches per inch)

Start Date: February 2, 2006 (took break for Knitting Olympics)
Finish Date: March 5 2006

Comments: Very easy knit. No real problems with the pattern. (I made a slightly smaller size than I wear now as I'm attempting to lose a bit of weight). Really liked knitting with the Rowan Wool Cotton, excellent drape. Overall I'm pretty happy with this cardigan.

Other weekend knitting involved frogging the baby blanket and restarting (I was doing something strange with the YO's - don't ask). I'm almost 1/2-way done with it now. It's an easy knit. The garter stitch in the center is a bit tedious, but looks really nice. No pics as it is not real exciting right now all bunched up on a circular.

Dublin Bay Socks are not getting much attention, but I expect that to change soon.


Kathy said...


You look wonderful. The sweater is great Alyssa. I love the color of the yan. You are so good at making things that fit you. I see so few bloggers who knit well and are able to have a great fit. Keep it up.

Lynae said...

LOVE the cardigan!

Wasn't the snow beautiful? I do have to say it wasn't fun to drive or walk in!

You really crank out that knitting!

Karin said...

It looks really nice! What building is that that you took a picture of? You are in the north suburbs, correct?

knit chick said...

Too bad the snow is now gone. I'd love for more days of staying in and knitting. I love the color of that sweater. Smalt... interesting word. It looks great on you.

Chicago Jen said...

Beautiful cardi! Congrats on finishing yet another project. I wish I could finish so many beautiful things as quickly as you do!