Friday, January 19, 2007

Hooray for Friday!

This has been one very long week and I'm very happy the weekend is nearly here. Work has been somewhat busier than usual so I'm looking forward to a couple days away from the office.

I'm now in the gusset decreases of the first Marmalade Citrine Sock (Socks that Rock mediumweight in Citrine, Marmalade pattern). The heel flap looks terrific! The slipped stitch pattern is knit over the whole flap. Pretty nifty.

I'm in love all over again with the yarn. I am pretty sure this was the first Socks that Rock I ever bought and even though at first I thought the colors were too cheery for mid-January knitting, turns out they are perfect to brighten my mood. Oh, and why do I ever knit with any other yarn? I just love the mediumweight Socks that Rock so so much (I use the word "love" a lot when I talk about this stuff, don't I?).

Wednesday night we had a terrific Group knitting night. It was one of the first times in over a month that almost everybody could make it. One new person as well as six regulars were able to attend! Welcome to the group, Tamra (hope I'm spelling that right - I'm bad at names and spelling them). I'm so happy we were all able to make it. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to be with all those wonderful women. Plus Lynae brought her daughter's Girl Scout Cookie order sheet - I love those cookies! :)

To celebrate getting through a month of neck problems I did treat myself to a new bag. I'm normally not one to go for Vera Bradley patterns. They just aren't my style (though I do like the one Liz brings to group). Well, I saw that there were some new prints and I was immediately taken with Pink Elephants. It's the breast cancer awareness pattern for the year so 10% of proceeds will go to the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation for breast cancer research. And it has pink elephants! Love it!

I got the bucket tote which is just the perfect size for the Phoebe sweater I've started (Not much to show on that one. I've completed the bottom ribbing and an inch of stockinette. Pictures to come when there's something to see). I'm so tempted to get all the little matching accessories with the elephant pattern, but I really need more knitting accoutrement like I need a hole in my head (I have another Offhand Designs bag on special order...). I had almost ordered a Lexie Barnes Flo bag the other day, but then I decided I would really like have a bag that was a little less conspicuous as a knitting bag so this Vera bag fit the bill! (And it has pink elephants!)

In neck pain news, I saw the neurosurgeon yesterday and the good news is that I don't need surgery. Yea! I do need to do 6 weeks of physical therapy, but I kind of expected that. The doctor said that I need to stop participating in any sport that causes jarring, so no more bowling for me. :( I'm pretty bummed about that since I really like to bowl (I'm a good Midwestern girl). Oh well. I'm also not supposed to ever run or jog unless I'm on an elliptical or treadmill. He said I was doing well though and I really do feel better. Bummer that our bodies fall apart. :(


Isobel said...

Glad to hear the medical news - the physical therapy will truly help - I speak from experience, it's how I spent my summer 3x a week then 2x then 1x.
I do like that heel flap, they will be very juicy socks. I have to admit I have a passion for elephants, I may have to check out that bag.
Have a relaxing weekend.

Lynae said...

Kevin at Athletico in Glenview is AWESOME - if you want to go that far for PT!

LOVE the bag! Funny, Liz's bag is the only Vera Bradley I liked before yours too!

LOL Tamara, Adrienne and I ended up chatting until almost 10pm!

mle said...

I am really going to have to try some of that STR someday! I'm not normally one to go for yellow colors but I LOVE that colorway you're knitting up right now! and that pattern is perfect for it.

Chicago Jen said...

Too cool!! I love your sock and you Vera Bradley! I'm totally jealous that the girls stayed until almost 10! But I was useless that night.

I've always admired Vera Bradley but been worried that they might be a little too TOO for me. I'm slowly caving in to the idea of getting one though. It's got to have a zip top so the wool eaters don't get inside....

Congrats on the no surgery thing!

Kim in Oregon said...

Excellent news from the doc.

I'm off to see the Blue Moon ladies next weekend.

Liz said...

PT does help, I know that my finger is NO comparison to your neck, but I thought my finger would never be normal again before PT, & now it's all better. I love the pink elephants, I never saw that pattern before! And Vera does have all sorts of cute zip pouches for accessories! Seeya at group

Tamara said...

I had so much fun with you guys! And yes, we did stay late. I got home after 10:30 and my sister said "I was starting to worry...". Looking forward to the next meetup.

Kim said...

I have 2 Vera Bradley knockoffs that I use as small project knitting bags. I love them - they hold what I need, and have handy little pockets inside, and big zipper teeth (I've had problems with small zippers eating my yarn in other bags).

Congrats on no surgery! Happy dance!