Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mystery Solved

For those of you following my continuing saga of neck pain, the MRI results are in as of late last night. (My doctor was nice enough to call me at 9:00pm last night when she received the results). So, the neck pain is being caused by a slipped disc. Disc C6 in my cervical spine to be exact. I'll go see a neurosurgeon for a real quick routine check to be on the safe side before beginning some light physical therapy. I should be fine within a few weeks of continued treatment. Yea! Mystery solved! I'm just glad to know what the heck is going on so that now I know how to make it better.

Back to your regularly scheduled knitting blog tomorrow. :)


Lynae said...

That is good news....or at least not bad news.

Will we see you tomorrow night? I have a BOX of yarn for show and tell!

Good thing I didn't make any stash resolutions this year!

Kim in Oregon said...

Good news! I hope the visit with the n.s. goes well...my bil is a ns so if you have any questions let me know.

Liz said...

So glad you found out, and that it's fixable with physical therapy! And you still managed to crank out some socks you crazy knitter. Hope to see you at group.

mle said...

So glad to hear it's nothing too serious! did he say you have to take a break from knitting? I hope the physical therapy takes care of it pretty quick!