Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Already?

This weekend went by a little too quickly and here we are at Monday morning already. Well, only 5 days until the weekend! :)

I didn't knit too much this weekend since we went to see Pan's Labyrinth at the theater on Saturday (it was fantastic!) and then yesterday I spent most of the day reading. I started The Terror by Dan Simmons the other night and I'm totally engrossed. It combines naval historical fiction with a supernatural thriller. Great combination for a cold wintry weekend read.

As for the knitting, I did finish the first Marmalade Citrine sock and I'm already on the foot of the second one. The mediumweight Socks that Rock just flies off the needles! I did knit a little on the Phoebe sweater, but I'm just not sure if I'll continue. I'm unsure whether it is the yarn or what, but I'm not really into the project. I think I may stick with knitting a few winter accessories for a while. And socks. I do love to knit socks... :)


Lynae said...

I REALLY like that pattern!

I am thinking that the Pink Granite might look nice knit up in Marmalade!

Chicago Jen said...

Love the socks! Too cool! Phoebe, well, she kind of looks like Eris only not as innovative. So maybe she's a little boring in a been there done that kind of way?? Or maybe it's the combo with the yarn? Are you just not so in love with the yarn? All I'm saying is, if you don't love it, don't do it. There's way too much beautiful knitting out there to spend time working on stuff you don't love!

Kaitie Tee said...

I love the pattern. Are those slip stitches?

Kathy said...

The knit up so pretty. Great job as always.

mle said...

Thanks to you, I've ordered some STR of my own and can't wait to knit it up! I had actually been thinking about ordering some and was keeping my eye out for certain colorways....I ended up getting Lucy and Pucks Mischief. I'll be watching my mailbox for the next several days!